Sep 13, 2023

Dear Collaborative Partners, Colleagues, and Friends of AMEP

Dear Collaborative Partners, Colleagues, and Friends of AMEP

As summer ends and we enter the cooler Mongolian season, I thought to provide you all with an update on our program and progress.  As many of you know we are approaching the culmination of AMEPs journey which ends in March 2024.  Our team has been busy working towards closure and in doing so we are excited to share some exciting developments and events that are on the horizon.

In this pivotal year, AMEP has been deeply engaged in two key approved activities of which are: Activity 1 Communicating Success, Learning and Impact – The AMEP 2 Wrap-up and Activity 2 Strengthening the civic space in Mongolia’s mining sector. These activities build on 8 years of collaboration and support to our partners and to multi-stakeholders with an aim to strengthen and support Mongolia’s investment environment. 
Through our communications initiative we aim to disseminate vital information regarding the efforts of our partners, activities, and achievements in relation to good governance, responsible mining practices, environmental management, and community engagement. Simultaneously, our vigilant monitoring and evaluation efforts have allowed us to assess the effectiveness of our interventions and make data-driven improvements to our strategies and our final activities.

Moreover, AMEP will be working closely with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on assessing the current state of civic space in Mongolia as it relates to the mining sector with an objective to improve civic space and build capacity.  This joint effort not only promotes transparency but also amplifies the voices of stakeholders who are instrumental in driving positive change.

As we move forward, AMEP 2 is gearing up to participate in a series of exciting events that will further amplify our mission. The upcoming Western Conference (September 14th and 15th), Mongolia’s Mining Week (October 9th-13th), and International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) (October 31st- November 1st) are invaluable platforms for us to share our insights, learn from industry peers, and establish meaningful connections within the mining and environmental sectors. These events not only give AMEP and opportunity to showcase our partnership achievements but also pave the way for future collaborations and innovations.

Looking ahead to the conclusion of AMEPs 8-year remarkable journey, we are preparing for a closing ceremony that will celebrate the collective efforts and successes of the AMEP 2 program. This event will serve as an opportunity to reflect on the milestones achieved, acknowledge the dedication of our partners and stakeholders, and honor the positive impact that our activities have had on sustainable mining practices.

In the remaining time leading up to the end of March 2024, our focus will be on thorough reporting and the closeout of activities in January 2024. We understand the importance of documenting our achievements and lessons learned to contribute to the broader discourse on sustainable mining practices and strengthening the countries investment environment.

In conclusion, the journey of the AMEP 2 program has been an inspiring one, filled with growth, collaboration, and impactful outcomes. We are deeply grateful for the support, dedication, and commitment shown by all partners and stakeholders involved. As we approach the end of this chapter, we look forward to celebrating our achievements and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.

Warm regards,
Rena Guenduez
AMEP Team Lead

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